Author: Ekene Kelvin

business plans (E-book 1)

people has a lot of purpose of setting a business but before you think of setting up a business you need this mind set to succeed..

1.. what you want to do.. knowing what kind of business you want to do really matters alot caus this will help you to limit your spending, you don’t just wake up and start up a business you first of all know what you want to do before setting a business

2.. what does the people like.. now knowing what people want really matters alot, caus you can’t go to an igbo place and be selling housa food, obviously no one will buy the food from you so you need to no the kind of area you are in and also what trend in that particular place so as for you not to get loss in your market sells.


How to make money with your talent(E-book one)

they is alot of talent in the world but today we will be looking at how to make money with our cooking talent .

people usually use cooking as a joke but they never new that they is alot more to it than they think , if you are a talented chef you have alot way to make money with it.. because they are many chef in the world but only few get the attention of people and this is because of their styles and way of cooking .

you can open up a business of food selling which will bring up lot of people into your shop and with this you can be a rich man or woman.. it really doesn’t matter if it a small portion but what matters it giving the people what they want and the teste they require in a food.

take up your cooking talent don’t only be stocked in the house and cook alone.. take it to the world caus they are alot of people who would enjoy your meal than you think.